Вино будет добрым,

если делать его с любовью к людям". Старая мудрость, рожденная два века назад - с тех пор, как на причерноморские земли перебрались немецкие поселенцы Здесь, на благодатном юге Украины, и сейчас живы традиции сердечной теплоты и добротности. Виноделы знают, что виноградная лоза - она живая и помнят, что вино нужно делать - как для самых близких людей. Потому и вино здесь душевное. Позтому и место это особенное. Это - Долина Великой Любви. Это - Гросс-Либенталь.


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The History of Private Joint-Stock Company "Victoria" begins in 1996 with the opening of a small wine workshop in urban village Velikodolinskoe in Odessa region. Among beautiful nature of southern Ukraine, in the former German settlement with romantic name "Grossliebental”, which produced varietal and blended wines.

The traditions of winemaking in the valley Grossliebental were laid in 1804, when in this German colony were first imported vine ordered by the Duke de Richelieu. For more than two centuries, the sun pours grapes, fills them with fragrant juice. The best varieties of grapes, which are the part of the quiet and sparkling wines, winemakers of "Victoria" have created for You.

Private Joint-Stock Company "Victoria" is characterized by high dynamics of development and represents a modern and hi-tech enterprise with complete production cycle, from planting vines to bottling the finished wine into bottles. This is achieved through the coordinated work of the team and excellent work of competent specialists.

PJSC "Victoria" is a regular participant of exhibitions, tasting, sponsored promotional events in Odessa and Odessa region, and in other regions of Ukraine.

The Great merit of our company is the availability of own grape.

Victoria’s vineyards occupy an area of 500 hectares, of which 150 hectares are young vines, where are cultivated varieties of grapes, such as “Cabernet Sauvignon "," Traminer "," Odessa black"," Aligote "," Rkatsitelli " "Muscat", "Suholimansky", "Riesling".

The wine collection has excellent quality: full flavor and clean aroma and varietal characteristics. The acceptable price and high quality makes our wine popular in all regions of the country.