Вино будет добрым,

если делать его с любовью к людям". Старая мудрость, рожденная два века назад - с тех пор, как на причерноморские земли перебрались немецкие поселенцы Здесь, на благодатном юге Украины, и сейчас живы традиции сердечной теплоты и добротности. Виноделы знают, что виноградная лоза - она живая и помнят, что вино нужно делать - как для самых близких людей. Потому и вино здесь душевное. Позтому и место это особенное. Это - Долина Великой Любви. Это - Гросс-Либенталь.


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Craft wines to your table

We would like to present craft wines to your table.

If you have ever tried craft wine, you know that its taste is very different and memorable for its richness and brightness.

First of all, craft drinks are hand-produced drinks in small volumes. The most important thing in craft production is quality, starting from the selection of raw materials and ingredients and ending with the technology for preparing the drink. Making wine involves not only manual collection of raw materials, sorting and a unique technology for the primary production of wine, but also its blending, aging and storage, selection and preparation of barrels and equipment.

The craft collection is presented in 3 types:

Volume: 3 liters.


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NEW! A unique, delicate and light cocktail - FRUTTINI!

A unique, delicate and light cocktail combining the pleasant taste of wine, complemented by a juicy note - FRUTTINI

has been created on the basis of wine with the addition of fruit juices with a low alcohol and low calorie content - pamper your senses with the unique taste of fruit.

With a wide variety of flavors, FRUTTINI aspires to be your drink from the first sip. Color your life with a unique line of cocktails.

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the XIII International tasting contest "Odessa Gulf"

In February dvetysyachi trinadtsyatogo in Odessa the XIII International tasting contest "Odessa Gulf". According to international standards - tasting samples were evaluated on a 100-point system recommended by the International Organization of Wine OIV, and the purchase of domestic models made directly from retailers. Experts will appreciate the quality of wine TM "Grosse Libental": "Pinot Franc Victoria" gold medal, "Cabernet", "Chardonnay" and "Muscat Holiday" silver medals.


The medal "LABOR GLORY"

The International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology "Golden Fortune" that distributes worthy tradition of honoring the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations around the world in 2012 awarded the medal "LABOR GLORY" the company "Victoria" in the nomination "For contribution to the development of the domestic winemaking excellence and quality products "


Private Joint Stock Company "Victoria" draw your attention to rebrand trademark “Grosslibental”. The company has taken care not only about the excellent quality of this noble beverage, produced it according to the best traditions of the wine, but also about contemporary appearance.

PJSC “Victoria” values its reputation. We make wine with love!
Because wine is our honour! Honour we have!