Вино будет добрым,

если делать его с любовью к людям". Старая мудрость, рожденная два века назад - с тех пор, как на причерноморские земли перебрались немецкие поселенцы Здесь, на благодатном юге Украины, и сейчас живы традиции сердечной теплоты и добротности. Виноделы знают, что виноградная лоза - она живая и помнят, что вино нужно делать - как для самых близких людей. Потому и вино здесь душевное. Позтому и место это особенное. Это - Долина Великой Любви. Это - Гросс-Либенталь.


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Grosslibental - legends of the old valley

In 1765, by decree of Empress Catherine II the Germans began settling of vacant lands of the territory which abut to Volga and territory of Little Russia. So a few decades later in the Black Sea were appeared Grosslibental German colony.

Grossliebental - the historical name of the village Velikodolinskoe in Odessa region, there are PJSC "Victoria" is one of the largest producers of still and sparkling wines.

From German “Grossliebental” (gross - big; die Liebe - love; das Tal - valley) is the Big Love Valley or the Valley of Big Love.

By decree of Alexander I in 1803, Odessa Governor-General Duke de Richelieu bought land in the district of Odessa on pardons him 35,000 rubles.

Soon the area of 40 acres was occupied by the first German colony – Grosslibental. The plan of the device was developed with the direct participation of the Duke de Richelieu.

Before settlers recruited by a Russian agent Ziegler, appeared endless plain with small rivers: Dal'nyk, Small and Large Akkarzha, Baraboi.

Fascinated by the beauty of the Black Sea, the Germans, (they were mostly immigrants from the Rhine Bavaria, Alsace) brought vine in Grossliebental, which famous since the days of Tacitus, * the traditions of Rhine winemakers **

When the young vines had matured, noble beverage appeared on the markets of Odessa.

According to connoisseurs, the wine made in Grossliebental was with a special aroma “…there are a lot of varieties, but their main feature - the musky or elder flower”.

A century later, the secrets of the Rhine wine entered the Ukrainian folk tradition. And to this day, every household in the village Velikodolinskoe has taken to crush the grapes, skillfully blending different varieties of it.

And on the same plains that once picked for German winemakers Duke de Richelieu, you can see well-groomed vineyards PJSC "Victoria". Legends of the old valley come to life in the quiet and sparkling wine brand "Grosslibental”.

* Cornelius Tacitus - The great Roman historian, author of ethnographic work "Germany". To the days of Tacitus were the first vineyards on the banks of the Rhine.

**The most famous vineyard on the Rhine (though not great - only 62 acres) belonged to the ancient abbey Yoganisberg. According to legend, in 1716 one of the abbots had forgotten to order the manager to start collecting the grapes. When suddenly remembered, turned out to be rotten grapes, but wine from it got amazing. Since then, especially in the Abbey began to collect the grapes as late as possible, whatever berries had rotted. This wine grape received the best varieties for the cellars of the sovereign persons.