Вино будет добрым,

если делать его с любовью к людям". Старая мудрость, рожденная два века назад - с тех пор, как на причерноморские земли перебрались немецкие поселенцы Здесь, на благодатном юге Украины, и сейчас живы традиции сердечной теплоты и добротности. Виноделы знают, что виноградная лоза - она живая и помнят, что вино нужно делать - как для самых близких людей. Потому и вино здесь душевное. Позтому и место это особенное. Это - Долина Великой Любви. Это - Гросс-Либенталь.


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Craft wines 3L

Muscat white dry

Muscat white dry, has an intense and characteristic aroma. Produced using classical technology, the wine is light straw color with a greenish tint, transparent with a shine.

It is characterized by a bright, recognizable, memorable, elegant open aroma with tones of tea rose, cloves and citrus undertones. The taste is very soft and velvety. The aftertaste is very long and expressive.

It exquisitely complements dishes made from mushrooms and vegetables, fowl, and harmonizes with savory cheeses and olives. Recommended serving temperature 10 – 14C°.

Alcohol content 10-12% vol.

Volume: 3 liters.

Price 260 uah
Merlot Rose dry rose

Merlot Rosé dry rose is distinguished by its softness, fruitiness and silkiness. Prepared by processing grapes using the white method, the wine has a rich pink color with a raspberry tone, the wine has a thick aroma with an amazing range of tones of aging and red berries.

It goes well with light dishes, cheeses, and also serves as an aperitif at a temperature of 10-12C°.

Alcohol content 10-12% vol.

Volume: 3 liters.

Price 350 uah
Cabernet Sauvignon red dry

Cabernet Sauvignon red dry wine,is very rich with a complex composition of aromas. Produced from the grape variety of the same name. There are notes of cherries, other red berries, as well as morocco and aging in oak barrels. The taste is multifaceted and interesting, which is facilitated by the presence of tannins. The bouquet is complemented by the taste of dried fruits and exquisite spices.

It is recommended to serve with red meat, poultry and cheeses at a temperature of 15-20C°.

Alcohol content 10-12% vol.

Volume: 3 liters.

Price 350 uah